Data Quality at Vanderlande Industries

Vanderlande Industries has grown enormously in recent years, not only in terms of number of employees, but also geographically. Vanderlande is now represented from China to the United States.

With a vast amount of historical data, changing business processes and shifts in business models (more services), several years ago we started “Project ONE”.

The goal of this project was to provide a uniform way of working to enter in all parts of Vanderlande Industries. The worldwide rollout of a subproject, in which SmarTeam has become the leading information system for content management and document control.

Growth in Product Data Quantity

Throughout time, business information in different information systems transferred to SmarTeam. From various systems articles and documents are imported in ENOVIA SmarTeam. The information was not always accurate. Multiple copies of same documents and bills were in different systems. Before entry it was already clear that not all details are 100% correct. There were also differences in practice between departments, allowing revisions of items and bills clearly were not reflected in the PLM and ERP systems.

As more processes rely on the data in SmarTeam, there is a clear need to improve the quality of this data to monitor and improve. This new project is defined and started.

Project approach “Data Quality”: iterative

Improving the quality of data is a large project and consists of several parts. The automation part around SmarTeam covers about 170 days. At the start of the project only high specifications were known to realize functionalities. This served to further detailed design to be able to reach a base and then implement and test this.

A project team was formed with staff from both Vanderlande Industries as TechniaTranscat. Infostrait opted an iterative development process based on Scrum. To be able to meet the desired duration of 6 months maximum, the entire project is divided into so-called sprints. In total six sprints of four weeks, with Scrum differences from other methods by delivering operational software at the end of each sprint. Vanderlande Industries takes the role of “Product Owner” itself, and can, with each sprint – steer the direction and priorities. The role “Scrum Master” by TechniaTranscat,  monitored  the process completely. The multidisciplinary team that provides the actual content, by employees of both Vanderlande as TechniaTranscat staffed. During sprints is not only developed, but for example also developed specifications for subsequent sprints, and / or test scenarios and implemented. Through these activities within sprints explicitly address, in small manageable chunks, ensuring that schedules are met.

Sprint 1: Data Quality Framework

On January 4th 2012, the first sprint begun. January 25th was the first demonstration and delivery. In this first sprint are a) functional and technical specifications for realizing functionality delivered in sprint 2 is b) “Data Quality Framework” (with opportunities to perform advanced queries and qualitative repair operations for historical data) yielded, and his c) unit tests developed for regression bugs in the future. “I’m pleasantly surprised – I get parts of the software ready to use, within a few weeks.” Sjak  Janssen (Vanderlande Industries) said. Peter Uijt de Haag, Product Owner on behalf of Vanderlande, is very positive: “I am so excited, I want to use this way of working with other (internal) projects.”

Preview: Sprints 2 – 6

In the next sprints will be worked on a variety of other topics, including rapid prototypes for functional specifications to clarify and properly in order to interact with users. Further extensions of the data quality framework for advanced repairs (eg replacing of “Replaced by” components in BOM) and functionality to uniform names based on component ratings and technical parameters to compile. Each sprint (sprint 2 – 6) will lead to working software, which already has been adopted by every demonstration and delivery – entirely in the Scrum philosophy.