infostrait straitNews newsletter fall 2011

The year 2011 is already three-quarters over and many companies are already focusing on the budget for 2012. With the renewed pressure on financial markets and the subsequent uncertainty for the global economy, budgeting will be a difficult process. Should the belt be tightened or is the future promising? In whatever position you are in your company, you will be asked these kinds of questions.   We see differences occur in the markets we operate in. As one sector is declining as a whole, in other sectors are differences noticeable from company to company. After the recession in 2009 many companies have benefited from the economic upturn in the years thereafter. For infostrait that meant much work to do, especially upgrading applications for its customers. The largest part of our capacity was dedicated to these projects in the first half of 2011. Now we look together with you to the uncertain future of 2012. A thing we like to do! We call it a strategy meeting. Together with a few people of your company, customer of infostrait or otherwise interested, we try to determine what will have to happen in the PLM area to make your business more efficient.   In this newsletter you can read a summary of the assignments we have completed in recent months. It includes upgrades at Paques, AWL/MechDes and SAS Gouda. For NEM infostrait has finished a double Multi-Site installation. Knowledge of infostrait’s consultant in this specific area is so much recognized in the field that often an appeal from abroad is done. Amongst other Metka in Greece and the Swatch Group in Switzerland were advised by infostrait.   Finally some brief reports on new customers, product development and the acquisition of the SmarTeam activities of Cadmes.   Download straitNews fall 2011 edition here