AWL/MechDes successfully live on SmarTeam V5R20

After thorough preparation and successful collaboration between AWL/MechDes, infostrait and Dassault Systèmes, AWL/MechDes upgraded 2 months ago to a new software release. Besides the transition to SmarTeam V5R20, SolidWorks 2011 has been taken into production as well.AWL/MechDes is a company that demands the utmost of the PDM-CAD integration. Not for nothing, because the machines they design and build are intended for customers who are operating in markets that are subject to severe competition. High quality and high production volumes should always be guaranteed. Therefore, AWL/MechDes critically regards the upgrade to a new version of the PDM software.During a period of about six months all parties involved worked hard to find and solve software bugs, to implement additional wishes regarding the software and guarantee a solid migration path.Now the SmarTeam PDM software is working satisfactorily, AWL /MechDes and infostrait have started the optimization process for new functional demands.