VolkerRail chooses ENOVIA SMARTEAM PDM

For some time VolkerRail worked with a hosted SmarTeam/FS environment through its partner Encon Infra, which is a customer of infostrait since early 2011. Late last year, VolkerRail decided to build their own PDM environment together with infostrait to support the engineering processes. The vision is: A company-wide introduction of engineering software for civil infrastructure projects.

Volker Rail is one of the subsidiaries of the VolkerWessels Group. The company specializes in railway construction and maintenance for train, light rail, tram and metro. Much work is being done on behalf of ProRail.
VolkerRail Thorough analysis by staff of both parties led to the decision to follow a multiple phase implementation. In several manageable steps VolkerRail staff will gain access to more and greater functionality. The first phase provides for the deployment of integrated management of AutoCAD drawings based on the SmarTeam/FS 3.0 configuration for Systems Engineering. In a next step, the link with the future management of modules and resources will be developed. The ultimate goal is to work from all locations possible with access to all the information in the PDM engineering database for both construction and maintenance projects. Besides the SmarTeam software also the advanced MS Office integration of infostrait (a straitPortal product) will be implemented throughout the company.

The implementation project is entirely based on Scrum methodology. The first phase of the project is completed at the time of the publication of this newsletter.

infostrait is pleased with the choice of VolkerRail. “This again proves the strength of infostrait and its products for companies in this sector,” said Jeroen van Geijlswijk, product manager at infostrait. Tjark de Vries, Director of Projects at Volker Rail, appoints the head start that VolkerRail wants to maintain and expand as one of the main arguments for choosing infostrait. Both parties have stated that a long-term relationship comes first, with possible joint development of new functionality for the railway sector as one of the results.